Fabulousity Make-up charleston wv
"My name is Rosemarie Hunter and I am a professional make-up artist in Charleston, WV. My certifications are in high definition, media, high-fashion, bridal and air brush make-up techniques. My precision air brush technique makes it possible to cover or correct tattoos, birthmarks, and pigmentation conditions providing consistent skin coloration. Individualized makeup consultation can be scheduled to discuss your particular needs.

I received training from Hollywood make-up artist Angie G. Ford, who has worked on major film celebrities, as well as many runway/print models, and music recording artists. I am an honor graduate from her Hollywood Expressions make-up school (HEX). My client list includes Motion Masters, Maple Creative, West Virgina Lottery Commission, West Virginia Supreme Court Justice and Image Associates for whom I provided high-definition make-up used in television commercials run state-wide. In addition, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Communications and have worked for State and Federal Government as a Public Information Officer for seven years.

To experience Fabulousity professional make-up through an individual consultation, complete the contact form to arrange an appointment. To purchase Fabulousity professional grade make-up through PayPal, simply refer to the catalog on the first page of this web site. You are also welcome to email your inquiry to fabulousitymakeup@gmail.com."